World MediaTrans with Headquarters in Timisoara is a transport company that operates on the Romanian transport market for more than 25 years Windows 7 install download.

WMT started as a Cargo Agent of Austrian Airlines, being the first airfreight forwarder outside Bucharest. At the same time, a collaboration with UPS started by offering courier services through their international operative network 애플 부트캠프 드라이버 다운로드. After two years, the company has initiated the first Road transport as freight forwarder and also with its own fleet. Then followed the development of Special services (fast car, cargo charter, on-board courier), Sea Freight services, Logistics, Domestic Courier and Customs services 크리스탈인포 다운로드.

In 2012 50% of the company’s shares were bought by DB Group Spa from Italy, and this new partnership has brought new opportunities through access to the international network of the DB Group offices from all over the world jdk 1 6 0 다운로드.

The company’s portfolio includes major companies from different industries, automotive, electronics, furniture and many others.

For the future, the company plans to consolidate its market position for the actual services and develop new services on a structural base of quality service and professionalism of its employees

Our evolution so far:

• 1997 – The domestic and international courier activity is initiated by developing an operational network nationally;
• 1999 – 2000 –The activity continues to grow by contracting the first domestic road transport as forwarding agent and, subsequently by our own fleet Prism 7. We also obtained the Authorization of Customs Broker – Timisoara Airport;
• 2001 – The first air transport is operated through agreements concluded with the airlines: KLM, AIR France, and British Airways;
• 2002 – Contracting the first Charter and Courier on Board transport services;
• 2006 – Contracting the first maritime transport;
• 2012 – Partnership with DB Group SPA Italy;
• 2013 – Opening the first warehouse for logistics operations, in Timișoara;
• 2016 – We started the China – Europe rail services
• 2017 – Opening the warehouse for logistics operations in Cluj;
• 2019 – Opening the second warehouse for logistics operations in Oradea;
• 2020 – Our new HQ in Hanover Building Bd 애니갓 애니 다운로드. Cetății 5-7-9, Timişoara;
• 2020 – Opening the third warehouse for logistics operations in Oradea;
• 2020 – We initiated the Road Freight China-România;
• 2020 – Opening a Logistic HUB in Bratislava;
• 2021 – Opening the warehouse in Bucharest Mogoşoaia and the second
warehouse in VGP Park Timişoara;
• 2021 – Opening the Custom Office in Calea Torontalului, Timişoara;
• 2021 – Opening Logistic HUB-s in Barcelona and Tahov 스프링 poi 엑셀 다운로드.


Reliability – Whatever your needs may be, we will find a solution in time. Every time.

Custom service 24/7 – We are ready to meet your demands 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Stardue Valley Hangul. Call us and we will offer you a solution from the fastest delivery services available.

Reply in 20 minutes – We understand how pressed for time you are when you call us and we do our best to offer you at least one option within 20 minutes from the initial call 윈도우7 프로 다운로드.

High standards – As a WMT customer you can feel confident that we manage our activity without error. Our service standards are being monitored and revised constantly.